Homecare services you can depend on.

Why choose BOC Homecare for home medical oxygen therapy?

BOC Homecare is a division of BOC Healthcare, a member of The Linde Group, a leading supplier of medical gases globally. Our home medical oxygen service provides the very best medical oxygen therapy products and full support inside and outside the home for patients with a wide variety of breathing conditions.

BOC Healthcare has been supplying medical oxygen for many years to people of all age groups and has built up a great deal of expertise in the area of home medical oxygen therapy. Patients across Australia choose our products and gas-enabled therapies every day.

BOC Homecare services include the following: 

  • Home medical oxygen therapy
  • Ventilation therapy
  • Aerosol therapy

We offer portable and stationary medical oxygen devices that allow our patients in the home to enjoy mobility and independence. Supported by our products and services, patients can engage in their normal daily activities and have a high quality of life.  

How can BOC Homecare help you?

Your respiratory care begins with your respiratory specialist or general practitioner, who will test your blood oxygen levels and identify the right therapy for your respiratory condition. Your physician will prescribe a certain duration and oxygen flow rate for your therapy. Your physician will also advise you what type of oxygen therapy equipment your therapy requires.

BOC Homecare offers all the equipment commonly used for home medical oxygen therapy, ventilation therapy and aerosol therapy.

We use devices supplied by the leading global manufacturers and provide patient education and support in their use.

BOC Homecare does more than simply deliver the product to your home. Our trained staff can install the device and educate you and your family to achieve the best therapy outcomes. Our Customer Support team is available to answer questions and meet requests for help. 

Our products  

The most common type of home medical oxygen therapy equipment is the medical oxygen concentrator, which filters nitrogen out of the air. A medical oxygen concentrator can be a stationary device that uses electricity and includes a length of tubing that allows the patient to move freely around the home. Another type of medical oxygen equipment is the portable oxygen concentrator (POC). Portable oxygen concentrators are lighter and allow the patient to leave the home and even travel.

People who have been prescribed long term oxygen therapy (LTOT) may also need medical oxygen cylinders as backup for their concentrator. The large, freestanding cylinders are designed for home use, whereas the lighter, portable cylinders can be carried in a backpack or attached to a wheelchair or walker.

For patients requiring ventilation or aerosol therapy, BOC Homecare offers stationary and portable nebulisers, spacers and peak flow meters and room vaporisers.

Our services

In home medical oxygen therapy, quality cannot be compromised.  We have supplied high-quality home medical oxygen equipment and outstanding services to patients across Australia for decades.

BOC Homecare is reliable, flexible and responsive to its customers’ needs. Pioneers in technology and innovation, we work tirelessly to deliver unparallelled care that meets our patients’ unique needs. Our patients are the reason we exist and are central to our current and future success.

To find out how you can open an account with BOC Homecare, please refer to the Account opening page or contact our friendly Customer Support Centre at 1800 050 999 or homecare.au@boc.com

For detailed information on our products and services, please refer to the Products and Services page. If you are a Department of Veterans' Affairs referrer or member, you can find out about our services on the Department of Veterans' Affairs page.