How to open a BOC Healthcare account? 

State or national government funded patients

BOC Healthcare provides an established and dedicated service of home medical oxygen to patients requiring medical oxygen therapy in New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory, South Australia, Tasmania and Western Australia, and to the Department of Veterans’ Affairs nationally. We currently supply medical oxygen therapy to thousands of patients.

Quality assurance, logistics and dynamic/flexible technical solutions are of major importance, especially for users of medical oxygen. An interest in and an understanding of individual demands for a flexible and dynamic lifestyle is of the utmost importance to patients with life-long medical oxygen supplementation requirements. 

The service provides excellent medical oxygen therapy products and full support at home for patients of all ages with a wide variety of breathing problems.

We're here to help whenever you need us, with the right products, expert guidance and a complete range of back up to help.

If you are a patient that is receiving home medical oxygen therapy, please contact your respiratory specialist or hospital discharge coordinator for more specific information regarding the applicable equipment and services that are supported in your state.

If you are a medical professional and are looking for a home medical oxygen referral form, please click on the appropriate referral form:

Department of Veterans’ Affairs Home Medical Oxygen Referral Form

Department of Veterans’ Affairs CPAP/Bi-Level Referral Form

Australian Capital Territory Home Medical Oxygen and CPAP Equipment Referral Form

Tasmania Home Medical Oxygen Referral Form

Self or privately funded medical oxygen patients

If after an assessment it is shown that your body does not have enough oxygen, medical oxygen therapy can be given to increase the supply of oxygen to your body. This may be in the form of cylinders, a concentrator or other oxygen delivery devices. Today oxygen therapy can be a major part of the treatment you may be receiving. You may require medical oxygen therapy for up to 24 hours per day, your doctor or nurse will advise you on how long you should be using the therapy each day.

Depending on what state or territory you reside in, you may not qualify for government funding.  If, however, your medical professional recommends that you still require medical oxygen therapy, please call the Healthcare Customer Support Centre on 1800 050 999 to open an account with BOC Healthcare.

Once you have an account with BOC Healthcare, one of our dedicated Healthcare Customer Support Centre team members will explain the different medical oxygen equipment options that are available to meet your medical, mobility and financial needs.

How to order?

A prescribing clinician will order your medical oxygen for the first time. Your prescribing clinician will need to complete a Medical Oxygen Referral Form, which outlines the litres per minute (LPM) and the total hours that you require the medical oxygen for per day.  Once both the BOC Account Opening Form and the Medical Oxygen Referral Form have been completed, either email or fax the forms to BOC Healthcare Customer Support Centre for processing.

You can contact BOC Healthcare Customer Support Centre on:

Toll-free: 1800 050 999
Fax: 1800 624 149

When you need a oxygen replenishment please call our toll-free number 1800 050 999 and speak to our dedicated home oxygen team, who will be happy to assist you. 

The team can organise the delivery and installation of equipment. They can provide information and technical support on a wide variety of medical oxygen products.

Aged care

If you are an Aged Care facility that does not currently have a healthcare account with BOC Healthcare and requires medical oxygen for your facility, please complete the Account opening form and either email or fax this to the BOC Healthcare Customer Support Centre for processing. 

Once an account has been opened, please fill in an Aged Care Medical Oxygen Order Form and send the form to the BOC Healthcare Customer Support Centre either via email at or fax at 1800 624 149 for order placement.

If you require medical oxygen therapy equipment for a patient within your facility, BOC Healthcare will require a copy of the patient’s medical oxygen prescription and a completed Aged Care Medical Oxygen Order Form in order for the BOC Healthcare Customer Support Centre to open a new patient account.