Aged care services by BOC Healthcare

Our commitment to quality service

BOC Healthcare has been providing quality service to aged care facilities for the supply of domiciliary oxygen to patients for over 20 years and sleep therapy for 8 years. These services have a significant impact on customers' quality of life, and as such our focus is always on customer safety and well being.  

BOC Healthcare is leading the drive for improved standards and regulations relating to customer safety. BOC Healthcare is focused on and concerned with ongoing patient support services, as well as access to new products and innovations in products and service delivery.

BOC Healthcare has had a strong relationship with the aged care sector as a provider of medical gases and equipment. Over the period of our association, BOC Healthcare has developed a good understanding of the expectations of the aged care sector from service providers on behalf of the entitled patients in the community. 

BOC Healthcare has extensive international and local experience delivering these services to public and private patients including transitioning large numbers of existing patients. 

BOC Healthcare can provide your facility with a complete range of services relating to your residents medical oxygen needs and requirements.

Facility training

BOC Healthcare is able to train facility staff on many aspects of the equipment supplied for medical oxygen therapy devices, how to setup, maintain and features and benefits that may be available for facility staff to assist in creating better care models for patients.

Staff and patients will want to know how to use the medical oxygen therapy devices and accessories and, more importantly, you will want to know how to do it safely.

BOC Healthcare provides one free facility training session per year. Should the facility require additional training sessions, this can be discussed at time of contract signing as to whether additional fees will be incurred.

At BOC Healthcare, we take great pride in the training and support information we provide our customers.  The information and training we provide focuses on safety as the highest priority. 

We offer every customer the following information:

  • A Customer Information Booklet – This booklet includes comprehensive usage and safety information, troubleshooting, travel information and contact and support information.
  • Setup and Operating Instruction Sheet – These sheets are an easy to follow step by step instruction that the customer can refer back to at any time.
  • On completion of our education we ask the customer or staff to complete a customer education form to ensure they have understood the instructions.
  • All our oxygen concentrators have safety signage affixed keeping safety front of mind for the customer.
  • Cleaning and basic maintenance guides are supplied to all the sleep therapy patients we care for on your behalf.

Facility accreditation

BOC Healthcare can provide annual domiciliary oxygen equipment and safety audits to your facility.

During these audits BOC Healthcare staff will assist the facility in identifying areas that must comply with accreditation standards in relation to oxygen therapy safety. The audit is conducted by our representative accompanied by a member of your facility.

The annual audits also cater for a medical equipment review and stock take. During this time both the facility and BOC Healthcare are able to reconcile all rental equipment that is on-site to what is showing in holding.

The audit includes the following sections:

  • Medical oxygen prescription
  • Medical oxygen subsidy
  • Medical oxygen safety
  • Medical oxygen concentrators: Maintenance and cleaning
  • Medical oxygen cylinders: Maintenance and cleaning
  • Medical oxygen cylinder storage
  • Oxygen accessories: Maintenance and cleaning
  • Suction devices: Maintenance and cleaning
  • Facility staff training
  • Corrective action

Preventive maintenance and equipment servicing

BOC Healthcare owned concentrators and associated equipment are serviced annually in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications and contractual agreements. A record is retained detailing the maintenance activity. 

BOC Healthcare always services in accordance with the manufacturer's specification as a minimum. A regular concentrator service includes checking to ensure patients are receiving the right pressure, purity and flow of oxygen.

In addition all filters are checked and replaced as required. Any faulty components are always replaced using original equipment manufacturer spare parts only. 

BOC Healthcare has the capabilities to service facility owned equipment both in the field and in its national network of Technical Service Centres. All service visits are documented for your record.

Please contact our friendly Customer Support Centre on 1800 050 999 or to discuss a preventative maintenance contract for your facility.

Reporting, billing and medical oxygen subsidy

Customised billing

BOC Healthcare can provide monthly invoicing to suit your facility’s needs when it comes to medical oxygen therapy expenses consolidation and medical oxygen subsidy claims.

The standard consolidated format shows the total quantity of rental and purchased equipment provided by BOC Healthcare, together with any applicable service fees payable by the facility.

Patient reporting

Our unique patient data system allows us to provide you with reports on patient therapy related information to assist your facility with patient management. The following information can be requested from BOC Healthcare:

  • The list of patients in the facility who are renting equipment (for example, concentrators) from BOC Healthcare
  • Patients’ oxygen prescription details
  • Patients’ oxygen concentrator usage hours (recorded during each preventative maintenance service)

Medical oxygen subsidy

Payment of oxygen supplements to aged care facilities is administered by the Department of Health and Ageing / Medicare Australia. Legislation can be referenced under the Aged Care Act 1997, section 44-13 and the Residential Care Subsidy Principles, section 21-21. These may also be referenced as ACA Ch.3 No.13/2008 and F2008L02229. According to this Act, residential aged care facilities may claim oxygen supplements for residents who receive oxygen treatment on an ongoing basis.

This includes:

  • All residents receiving respite care
  • All classification levels of the resident
  • Extended Aged Care at Home (EACH)

Payment of the supplement continues until the resident’s circumstances change. The Department of Health and Ageing reserves the right to audit domiciliary oxygen invoices from suppliers.

To claim the oxygen supplement for residents receiving eligible standard and/or higher oxygen treatments, the residential aged care service should complete the Application for Oxygen and / or Enteral Feeding Supplement Form 1888(0601). The form is available on the Department of Health and Ageing website.

The form should be submitted to the Medicare Australia state office where the residential aged care service is located. Address details are on the form.

Payment of a supplement continues until the resident’s circumstances change. Changes relating to eligibility for the oxygen supplement at both levels should be communicated to the relevant Medicare Australia state office on the monthly claim.

Claims for the Higher Supplement are required on a monthly basis and must be attached to the Application for Oxygen and / or Enteral Feeding Supplement Form 1888(0601)

It is the facility’s responsibility to retain and submit the most updated form.

Want to open an account?

If you are an aged care facility that does not currently have a healthcare account with BOC Healthcare and requires medical oxygen for your facility, please call the BOC Healthcare Customer Support Centre on 1800 050 999 or email us at (

Once an account has been opened, please fill in an Aged Care Medical Oxygen Order Form and send this to the BOC Healthcare Customer Support Centre either via email ( or fax (1800 624 149) for order placement.

If you require medical oxygen therapy equipment for a patient within your facility, BOC Healthcare will require a copy of the patient’s medical oxygen prescription and a completed Aged Care Medical Oxygen Order Form in order for the BOC Healthcare Customer Service team to open a new patient account.